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DaleMcLive, an exceptional live music performer, producer, and singer-songwriter hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, consistently enchants audiences with his unique style and mesmerizing performances. His expertise with the guitar adds a layer of sophistication and richness to his compositions. The passion DaleMcLive has for music is evident in every note he sings and each chord he strums. As a skilled producer, he creates captivating melodies that resonate deeply with his audience. Whether performing live at local venues or recording in the studio, DaleMcLive's musical talent leaves a lasting impression on everyone who hears it. His steadfast commitment to his craft solidifies his reputation as an invaluable gem within the vibrant St. Petersburg music community.

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Listen to Dale's track "You Don't Need To Worry," produced in his home studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 2022. Subscribe to his mailing list for the latest updates on his new creations.

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DaleMcLive Live Acoustic Show
DaleMcLive Live Acoustic Show


Dale's musical odyssey commenced in the mid-1990s, drawing inspiration from the rhythms of U2, Lenny Kravitz, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bill Withers, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Crowded House, and the legendary Marvin Gaye. These musicians ignited a passion within him, fueling an intense aspiration to craft his own tunes.

Advancing to 2001, Dale embarked on a decisive move that would transform his destiny. Departing from Johannesburg's vibrant avenues, he set out for Glasgow's musical sanctuary. Submerging himself in a professional studio environment, he delved deep into the realm of sound engineering. It was in the dynamic core of Glasgow that destiny intervened, courtesy of Roderick McIlwraith, a local sound engineer and producer.

The Birth of AllanDale Band

Dale and Allan Price, two souls with a shared vision, united to create the vibrant AllanDale Band. Their collaboration extended beyond performance; they channeled their musical prowess into a mesmerizing 6-track EP titled 'The Artists Merge.' Challenging conventional industry standards, they courageously founded Futcha Records Ltd to distribute their music independently.

The EP's flagship song, 'Misunderstood,' serves as an homage to their untamed spirit and audacious musical style. Dale's emotive vocals, Allan's mastery of the guitar, and the band's synergistic fervor have made a profound impact on the music scene.

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From the dynamic avenues of Cape Town to the soothing coasts of St. Petersburg, DaleMcLive emerges as a formidable force, his musical narrative ever-expanding. Continue to groove and let the tunes escort you on a memorable journey. DaleMcLive: One name, one unique sound, a universe of sincere rhythms. Don't forget to follow Dale on Bandcamp and become a fan!