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Bridging the Gap Between Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer

Recent Project

No More War

"No More War" is a song authored, performed, and produced by Dale. The inspiration for this track struck him as he was listening to a radio broadcast about the war in Palestine, detailing the displacement and hunger of over 500,000 people and the tragic deaths of more than 14,000 children.

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In Time

The song "In Time," created by Dale McCann, is a timeless piece that speaks to the healing nature of time on a wounded heart, offering hope of a future love. McCann is credited with not only writing but also recording and producing this uplifting tune in his personal studio, infusing it with a unique touch that complements its Pop/Rock genre.

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Past Projects

Lost Love

"Lost Love" is a track by Dale McCann, crafted, recorded, and produced in his home studio. It's a poignant and stirring piece about the end of a relationship. Dale delivers the performance himself, embracing the Pop/Rock musical style.

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One Dale's more recent musical venture is a once-lost song that he has now had the opportunity to record and produce. The track features a partnership with the esteemed bassist, Frank Magongwa. While Dale recorded most of the song in his home studio, the bass part was laid down in a studio located in Brussels, Belgium. Frank Magongwa, known for his extraordinary bass playing, is a highly regarded figure in the music world. The synergy of their collaboration has breathed life into the song, weaving together their distinct talents and creative flair. The fusion of Dale's unwavering commitment to music and Frank Magongwa's bass proficiency has culminated in an exceptional musical piece.


Other Album Releases

Dale McCann and Allan Price united to form the dynamic AllanDale Band in 2007 while residing in Glasgow, Scotland, and they produced an impressive 5-track EP named 'The Artists' Merge.'

The EP's single, 'Misunderstood,' stands as a tribute to their wild spirit and bold sound. Featuring Dale's heartfelt vocals, Allan's guitar expertise, and the band's collective energy, they created ripples across the music universe.

Gather around, everyone, and let me spin you a yarn about a cat named Dale McCann, the undisputed Swing King. In an era when life was supremely jazzy, Dale delivered swing that was both sassy and classy. He nods to Frank and Dean with a show that's a one-of-a-kind spectacle. With his velvety baritone, he serenades and captivates, channeling the luminance of the great 'Ol Blue Eyes. Immerse yourself in Dale's homage to The Rat Pack's Greatest Hits, a masterpiece recorded and unveiled by Dale McCann in 2013.

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Featured Artist - Bass

Frank Magongwa